psycho-soldier-athena asked:


Battle Theme: World’s End Dancehall (PsychoNESTS remix)

Battle intro: I’ll do my best Athena-san!

Victory: Heehee! How was that?

Defeat: Maybe I need to practice a little more…

Assist: Wheeee!

Taunt: Athena-saaaan~

Reacting to Taunt: Hey!

Tie: At least we know we’re equal, right?

Perfect Victory: Athena! Was I too strong?

Finishing Move: Here it comes! (Isla Special)

kasumisaiki asked:

Battle Theme: Ashes to Ashes (KAITO)

Battle intro: How come I never find anyone who doesn’t have a God-Complex?

Victory: Who’s the maggot now?

Defeat: Huh? How did I…

Assist: Here I come!

Taunt: Are you sure you’re not a girl?

Reacting to Taunt: Hey!

Tie: If I’m as strong as him…doesn’t that mean I’m super powerful?

Perfect Victory: That’s how it’s done!

Finishing Move: Giving it my all!! (Ultimate Bye-Bye)